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Helicopter Flightseeing Tours

All of us are concerned about the ecology of our province. A helicopter tour is an ecologically friendly way to show our visitors the area without destroying its natural beauty.

Over 80% of British Columbia's diverse terrain is inaccessible, thus making the helicopter the best way to see our spectacular waterfalls, canyons, mountains, valleys, and forests. Our region of British Columbia offers the adventurer, geologist and movie maker some of the richest wilderness grounds in the world. From striking mountains to glacial fed lakes, these tours create a memory that everyone should have in their lifetime.

Prince George City Tour

Ever wonder what BC’s Northern capital looks like from the air? Join us for a flight-seeing tour of Prince George and the following features:

  • Take in the vibrancy of our growing urban centre, including a bird's eye view of your own house!
  • The stirring of the two discernible river colours at the Nechako and Fraser confluence. Always a popular focus for photographers.
  • The PG Railway and Forestry Museum is home to one of the largest vintage rail collections in BC. Enjoy an aerial view of the layout!
  • Etched through valley and forest, the 73 par layout of the Aberdeen Glen Golf Course, a two time nominee of the B.C.P.G.A. facility of the year.
  • Moore's Meadow was created by a piece of melting glacial ice at the end of the last ice age and is now one of the largest and most serene parks in PG.
  • The extensive circuit of nature trails at one of the best places to walk in PG - Forests for the World and Cranbrook Hill Greenway.
  • University of Northern British Columbia is considered to be one of Canada's best small universities and has stunning architecture and landscapes to match!

Prices: starting @ $125 per person based on minimum of three passengers.

Fort George Canyon Tour

Fort George Canyon was one of the major obstacles of the Fraser River in north central British Columbia. In the early 1900s sternwheelers had to be winched through this treacherous section of river while passengers had to get out and portage. Behold the stunning beauty of the perilous whirlpools and jagged rocks in this historically significant provincial park.

Fort George Canyon

Prices: starting @ $125 per person based on minimum of three passengers or add to Prince George City Tour.

Eskers / Chief Tour

Gain a unique perspective of the rolling topography and diverse landscapes of the 40 km long Stuart River Eskers Complex. These long, sinuous gravel ridges were created when sand and gravel were deposited from the melt water channels of ancient glaciers that once blanketed this northern region.

Prices: starting @ $290 per person based on minimum of three passengers.

Raven Lake Tour

Indulge in a panoramic view of one of Prince George's most popular alpine areas. See the world famous Bowron Plantation en route to the old growth spruce forests, alpine meadows, glacial valleys and mountain cirques along the Rocky Mountain Trench (which extends approximately 1600 km (995 mi) from Flathead Lake, Montana, to the Liard River just south of the British Columbia-Yukon border).

Raven Lake

Prices: starting @ $415 per person based on minimum of three passengers.

Evanoff / Fang Tour

Take in the sweeping enormity of the Hart and Dezaiko Ranges. Not only will you see stunning alpine bowls, enticing alpine lakes, and distinctive limestone pinnacles and ridges, but also the nationally significant Fang Cave complex. This complex offers some of the best sporting caves in North America, including the ninth longest cave in Canada!

Prices: starting @ $495 per person based on minimum of three passengers.

Alexander Mackenzie Tour

Glimpse the location where Sir Alexander Mackenzie crossed the continental divide from the Peace River system into the Fraser River on his way to the Pacific Ocean over 200 years ago. His momentous overland trek included Arctic Lake, Pacific Lake, James Creek, McGregor Canyon, and the mighty Fraser River, as will your tour.

Prices: starting @ $575 per person based on minimum of three passengers.

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